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‘Unhung’ – Bindium – November 2010

Posted in Arts, Events, New Works, SFSA Members by Second Floor Studios & Arts on August 4, 2010

SFSA member Binda new project ‘Unhung’

‘Unhung’ is made up of two separate shows.  The Unhung Exhibition, which is taking place right now all over the world and will form part of the second showcase – an installation of great Unhungness held in mid November at Second Floor Studios & Arts, both are intended to be a humorous observation on the processes involved in becoming an ‘artist’. 

What accolades must we achieve in order to be classified and identified correctly? Who do we choose as Validators, or who chooses them and how can subjective validation be authentic? On a crude level all systems sort, classify and identify, we need to be separated and sorted (like animals) to keep the system working. This keeps our complex structures and systems chugging away towards… what?

Exhibitor: Mouskie
Validator: Bamba
Location: Isle of Nowhere

As I seek to validate my own expression, I wonder who will be my Validator and in what ‘box’ will I be placed. Because the art system is a juxtaposing wonderland and subjectivity can be questioned, then it’s more likely that I choose my own validation process, which ultimately, makes me the Validator of my own domain.

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