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Shan Hur first solo exhibition – HANMI GALLERY – Opens 20th May

Posted in Arts, Events, New Works, SFSA Members by Second Floor Studios & Arts on May 17, 2011

SFSA studio member Shan Hur first solo exhibition opens on Friday 20th May – info below

Situated Senses 01: Inclined Angles

30 Maple Street, W1T
London, United Kingdom

Private View: Friday 20 May 6-8pm
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-6pm
Artists: Shan Hur (1st Solo Exhibition, 1F/2F) and Soon-Hak Kwon (4th Solo Exhibition, G/3F)
Curated by Jay Jungin Hwang (Independent Curator)

Situated Senses introduces two prominent contemporary Korean artists, Shan Hur and Soon-Hak Kwon, who focus on the theme of space, in particular site-specificity.
They present experimental form of artwork closely related to the specific feature of a space which is differentiated from the typical form of exhibit spaces. Hur and Kwon
have created a unique situation in a void space where its original use was far removed from the traditional meaning of exhibit spaces. Each artist shows the coexistence and collision of contradictory states in the spaces of daily life (Shan Hur) and the interrelationship between a sense of distance and space originating from the psychology of visual experience (Soon-Hak Kwon). The works’ outgrowth was generated from a penetrating observation about the space during the preparation for the exhibition.

The Project seeks to find the ultimate meaning of existence or raison d’être, as a situational artwork and its concept derived from a consideration of the place. This project will continue to develop its experimental movement to arouse viewers’ latent senses that situates within their inner world, and to touch viewers’ daily lives through active participations of their movement in the space, which is occupied by the artists’ existing senses.

– extracted from ‘Time and space occupied by Situated
Senses’ written by Jay Jungin Hwang(Independent Curator)


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