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SFSA studio member Paula Ortega exhibits her premier jewellery collection in group show “Jewellery Connections”- 18/19 August

Posted in Events, New Works, SFSA Members by Second Floor Studios & Arts on August 13, 2011

Studio member Paula Ortega will exhibit her debut collection, Liminal, at Platform in Hatton Garden.

August 18th: 12-6 pm
August 19th: 12-20 pm

Platform Gallery
31 Greville St, Hatton Garden EC1 8AF, London, UK
About Paula Ortega
Paula Ortega, jewellery designer-maker, first studied experimental  electro-acoustic music and audio-visual communication and then worked for over a decade as a Web user experience designer. Paula Ortega brings these intangible  but highly creative prior bodies of work to her jewellery designs.
Child of the Argentinean plains and attuned to the Metropolis in which she lives and works, Paula Ortega is inspired by strong aesthetics and simple pleasures. Coffee in the sunlit garden. Walking to her riverside studio. Vegetables that glow. Kinetic memory. Everything that tells a story.
As a self-taught jewellery designer-maker, Paula Ortega is relentlessly  curious, precise and passionate about products and processes. Multidisciplinary training and a holistic outlook are Paula Ortega’s greatest assets in her life  of design, and provide the setting for her grounded yet edgy aesthetic.
Paula Ortega is proud to run her practice in an ethical and sustainable  way. The 100% recycled silver she uses is from traceable sources, she is committed to substituting toxins in the jewellery-making process with  ecologically-sound alternatives wherever possible, her studio is within walking  distance from home, and even her packaging is recycled. Paula Ortega’s studio  jewellery promotes beauty in harmony with the planet.
Paula Ortega’s debut collection, Liminal, is a synthesis of curved, 100% recycled silver and nature’s fractal designs from vegetable sponge cores hand-coloured with dyes from plants and everyday fair-trade foodstuffs.
Inspired by the structural beauty of the materials themselves and her own childhood memories, Paula Ortega’s pieces are grounded in a robust consideration of what is precious and how we assign meaning and value to wearable objects.

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