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Tania López-Winkler – HILANDA – Opens at no format tonight (Thursday 19th July)

Posted in Arts, Events, SFSA Members by Second Floor Studios & Arts on July 19, 2012

Tania López-Winkler

HILANDA C:/YoPhoiniX/to_be_expired/Personal_Geographies/Hilanda.exe

Artist YoPhoiniX (aka Tania López-Winkler) Curated by Elena Aparicio Mainar Opening – Thursday 19th July (5pm – 9pm) – Until Sun 29th July

Hilanda is a Spatial Private Detective. She looks for clues embedded in the fleeting aesthetic experiences of city life. Hilanda’s work involves strolling about and getting lost in the city’s maze. If she was in Paris she would be a flaneuse, but since she operates in London she is a detective. When in rapture and delirium instead of playing the violin she spins filaments and threads.

At night, Hilanda spins the city’s fabric along with dreams into clues. These clues often unravel, detect or trace back the outlines of personal stories and culprits.




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