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The Foreigners’ Collective – no format residency, 9th – 15th July 2012

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The Foreigners’ Collective have been invited to create a dance performance  in the no format space using their unique cross cultural collaborations. The collective will also be holding open rehearsals so that the members of SFSA and TBPS can also engage with their artistic process.

The Foreigners’ Collective will be in residency from the 9th July and performances will take place the weekend of the 14th and 15th of July.

 The Foreigners’ Collective

From a small group of independent strangers in a strange land bearing the common denominators of dancing, creating and co-existing, The Foreigners’ Collective was born.  In addition to their art, this international group realized a deep notion of fraternity from their shared investigation and experience of what it means to be a ‘foreigner’ and has strengthened their bond and confirmed their desire to reconvene in order to create.

Resting on the surface is the actuality of being an alien; an outsider in a country, culture, or society that you do not identify with. Yet no less can one be a foreigner not geographically, but philosophically when deviating from the norms of which one is expected to abide by. Foreigners may wander physically or emotionally; sometimes aimlessly, yet other times seeking to join or form an alliance.  The Foreigners’ Collective is an alliance; a dynamic amalgam seeking to collaborate with foreigners and encourage diverse cultural exchange.

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CANTEEN – SFSA’s Social Enterprise Arts Café – Opens Monday 14th May

Posted in Events, SFSA Members, TBPS by Second Floor Studios & Arts on May 13, 2012

CANTEEN is a Social Enterprise Arts Café run by Second Floor Studios & Arts and is a provision for SFSA and Thames Barrier Print Studio members, their colleagues, clients and guests – Opening Monday 14th May.

CANTEEN supports SFSA funding programmes with no less than 50% of its profits financially supporting SFSA Education and Outreach programmes, Community Engagement Projects, CPD for members and Internships.

Your support for CANTEEN is greatly appreciated – thank you.